‘Batman v Superman’ teaser trailer

Unless you live under a rock, hate comic book movies or you really do not care, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is coming next year. Fans have been waiting for a very long time to see iconic characters Batman and Superman on the same screen for the 1st time ever. The release for the 1st trailer for BvS has been speculated for months as rumors that it would be attached to The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Jupiter Ascending, or even a potential Super Bowl spot. Last Wednesday, Warner Bros had a crazy idea to release a 20 second trailer teaser announcing a special IMAX release of the trailer on April 20. Then everything changed last night as somebody leaked the full trailer and sent social media abuzzed. So this incident has forced their plans to change and the trailer has officially been released.

The trailer is clearly going for a much darker and gritty then anything Marvel related (except of course the Daredevil show). The events of Man of Steel where Metropolis was essentially destroyed was met with controversy with fans asking “Why not address the destruction?”, well this is why. Those events have caused many to question if Superman (Henry Cavil) can be trusted and if he is really a good guy. This ultimately forces Batman (Ben Affleck) to investigate whether Superman is worth trusting. 


The trailer gives us a brief but good look at Affleck in the Batsuit and he looks great. The jury is still out if he’ll end up being a good Batman but he looks the part. The Iron-Batsuit and the regular Batsuit look ripped right out of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. We also get a brief line from Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor but no footage of the businessman in action. The trailer ends with Batman in his Iron Batsuit staring at Superman as the two prepare for battle, similar to the comic con footage. The issue I have with the trailer is that it looks so bleak that it may be a bit of a turn-off for some. Plus Snyder isn’t very trustworthy as a director at this point.

Overall, the teaser was solid as Batfleck looks great in the cowl but Zack Snyder is notorious for having great trailers for his movies. Man of Steel is a solid movie but it isn’t as good as the trailers made it out to be. That’s the same case for Snyder’s Sucker Punch (which turned out to be a terrible film), 300 (a mediocre action flick), and Watchmen (a disappointing yet still decent movie). Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice also stars Amy Adams, Gal Gadot, Laurence Fishburne, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter, Scoot McNairy, and Diane Lane. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be released March 25, 2016. The teaser trailer is below.

Furious 7

Box Office Numbers: ‘Furious 7′ cruises to a 2nd straight win

As expected, Furious 7 has won the weekend box office once again. After a record breaking debut, the seventh installment of the Fast and Furious held on pretty well and has now eclipsed Fast and Furious 6 for the title of the highest grossing Fast and Furious franchise, in only 10 days. There was only 1 newcomer this weekend, Nicholas Spark’s The Longest Ride which had a mediocre opening. The overall weekend box office was up from last year.

While it was expected that Furious 7 would take the top spot once again, many predicted a big fall. Most movies that open to $140+ million usually fall about 55-65% the next weekend. And it was pretty evident from last weekend that Furious 7 was going to be front-loaded. Furious 7 earned $60.6 million for a total of $252.5 million after 10 days. It’s obvious that the film is still riding high on buzz from the Paul Walker tribute. Wiz Khalifa’s new music video See You Again featured scenes from the ending of Furious 7 which may have kept interest high. Plus, the film didn’t have much competition as well.

Furious 7 has already surpassed the final totals for every film in the Fast and Furious series and should continue to dominate until Avengers: Age of Ultron arrives. The film’s 2nd weekend is already the 12th best in box office history. Furious 7 ‘s $252.2 million total has surpassed the fastest to $250 million in Universal Pictures history in 10 days (ahead of Despicable Me 2 ‘s 16 days) and is the 9th in Box Office History. At this point, I fully expect Furious 7 to finish its domestic run around $340-$350 million.

The newcomer of the weekend The Longest Ride had a very decent debut. The latest Nicholas Spark’s film earned $13.5 million, which would be Spark’s 6th best debut. The film stars up and comers Britt Robinson (who will be later seen in Disney’s Tommorowland) and Scott Eastwood (Clint Eastwood’s son) but they don’t have the star power of the Dear John duo (Channing Tatum & Amanda Seyfried) or the Lucky Ones duo (Zac Efron & Taylor Schilling). The film did have a better opening than Spark’s last film, The Best of Me but it’s clear that Spark doesn’t have the same impact on a project when his name is on it like it did 5 years ago.

Once again in 2nd was Dreamworks’ Home, the surprise hit of the year thus far. The Jim Parson-Rihanna family film earned $19 million, falling only 30% from last weekend. The film has earned $129.5 million so far and should surpass its budget of $135 million by next weekend. At this point, it’s ahead of fellow Dreamworks’ hits The Croods and How to Train Your Dragon 2 ($125.3 million & $121.9 million, respectively). While next weekend’s Paul Blart may provide some competition, Home should still finish around $160-$170 million

Next weekend will see the sequel to a movie some didn’t ask for in Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 and the social media horror flick, Unfriended. The first Paul Blart was a surprise hit at the time, but since then star Kevin James has had a couple of disappointments in Zookeeper and Here Comes The Boom. Expect Unfriended to earn around $25 million with Paul Blart around $26 million, but each falling short of the two-time champ, Furious 7.

Box Office Chart for Weekend April 10 – April 12 (courtesy of Box Office Mojo)

  1. Furious 7 – $60,591,000 (Week 2: Total $252,522,000)
  2. Home – $19,000,000 (Week 3: Total $129,554,000)
  3. The Longest Ride – $13,500,000 (Week 1: Total $13,500,000)
  4. Get Hard – $8,635,000 (Week 3: Total $71,201,000)
  5. Cinderella – $7,225,000 (Week 5: Total $180,773,000)
  6. The Divergent Series: Insurgent – $6,850,000 (Week $114,848,000)
  7. Woman in Gold – $5,852,000 (Week 2: Total $9,303,000)
  8. It Follows – $2,027,000 (Week 5: Total $11,798,000)
  9. Danny Collins – $1,600,000 (Week 4: Total $2,497,000)
  10. While We’re Young – $1,377,000 (Week 3: Total $2,355,000)

Box Office Numbers: ‘Furious 7′ burns rubber & records worldwide

The franchise built on speed just keeps getting bigger. The Fast and Furious series which was kicked off in 2001 with The Fast and the Furious saw their latest installment Furious 7 break several records. The Vin Diesel & Paul Walker led ensemble earned $147.1 million which is the highest opening weekend in April and the biggest opening weekend in franchise history. In fact, it has already eclipse The Fast and the Furious2 Fast 2 Furious and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and will soon eclipse Fast & Furious in terms of domestic box office. As for the rest of the box office, last weekend’s surprise hit Home held well in 2nd while the Will Ferrell & Kevin Hart film Get Hard felt the heat of Furious 7. Overall, the weekend was huge for the box office compared to last year.

It’s quite amazing to see a movie franchise go on for 7 movies but it’s even more rare for the newer installments are even bigger than the last. After The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift ‘s lackluster box office, the franchise was reinvented with the original cast returning for Fast & Furious. Since then, the next two films (Fast Five and Fast & Furious 6) surpassed each other at the box office.The latest installment, Furious 7 earned $147.1 million over the weekend and earned $67.3 million on Friday. That would be the 9th highest domestic opening weekend in box office history, only behind The AvengersIron Man 3, the final Harry Potter film, both Dark Knight films, the first two Hunger Games films and Spider-Man 3, very impressive for a 7th film. It also broke last year’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier ‘s record for biggest opening weekend in April (Cap earned $95 million).

The film also earned $245 million internationally for a total of $392 million which would be only behind the final Harry Potter films and The AvengersFurious 7 received very positive feedback from both critics (82% on RT) and audiences (A on CinemaScore). With little to no competition until about May 1st with Ultron waiting to break many records, it’s likely Furious 7 finishes its run with $345-$350 million domestically. Worldwide, this will likely be the first film in the Fast and Furious franchise to break $1 billion and will likely prompt Fast and Furious 8 to be green-light quickly.

Clearly the film’s buzz was impacted by the tragic passing of star Paul Walker, who passed away in December 2013. The film was nearly cancelled after the news broke about Paul’s unfortunate accident but instead the cast & crew came together and made it work. The film was originally dated for July 2014 but instead was delayed to April 2015 to make everything with Paul Walker’s character work. Walker’s brothers, Cody and Caleb stood in for certain scenes for Paul’s character and mixed with CGI. Overall, the unfortunate passing of Walker did lead to more people being more curious on seeing his last film.

As for the rest of the box office, last weekend’s hit Home held well with $27 million, falling 48%. It has earned $95.2 million since last weekend and with little to no competition until Pixar’s Inside Out, expect Home to finish with $160-$170 million. The other film from last weekend, Get Hard did indeed fall hard with 61%. The film earned $13 million over the weekend, which means Furious 7 clearly impacted Get Hard. Despite staring A-listers Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, the film may not finish with $100 million as it has only earned $57 million since opening. Get Hard will likely finish around $90-$95 million at the end of its run.

The only other newcomer this weekend came in the form of Woman in Gold which only played in 258 theaters. The film will expand into more theaters in the coming weekends but this weekend, it debuted at number 7 and earned $2 million. According to Box Office Mojo, the film earned a theater average of $8,107 which would be only 2nd highest average of the top 10 this weekend behind only Furious 7.

Next weekend will see the debut of another Nicholas Sparks’ movie, The Longest RideFurious 7 should cruise to the top spot for at least the next few weekends. We only have about 3 weeks until Marvel kicks off the summer movie season with Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Box Office Numbers From April 3 – April 5, 2015 (Numbers courtesy of Box Office Mojo)

  1. Furious 7 – $147,187,040 (Week 1: Total Gross $147,187,040)
  2. Home – $27,011,303 (Week 2: Total Gross $95,241,397)
  3. Get Hard – $13,128,219 (Week 2: Total Gross $57,215,636)
  4. Cinderella – $10,178,750 (Week 4: Total Gross $167,139,868)
  5. The Divergent Series: Insurgent – $10,126,715 (Week 3: Total Gross $103,511,529)
  6. It Follows – $2,513,459 (Week 4: Total Gross $8,589,144)
  7. Woman in Gold – $2,091,551 (Week 1: Total Gross $2,187,302)
  8. Kingsman: The Secret Service – $1,808,652 (Week 8: Total Gross $122,366,182)
  9. Do You Believe? – $1,544,423 (Week 3: Total Gross $9,855,236)
  10. The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – $1,079,747 (Week 5: Total Gross $30,140,329)

Furious 7 review

It’s crazy to think how far this Fast and Furious series has come. Starting out as a low key street racing movie to becoming about pulling off heists to cars literally flying, the Fast series is an extraordinary series. In terms of quality, it doesn’t have great character development, much plot or good dialogue, but these movies know what they are: expensive, dumb B-movies. The difference between these movies and Transformers is the awareness of their stupidity and they never overstay their welcome. Besides that, they have a lot in common. The latest film, Furious 7 is the biggest, dumbest of the franchise yet, but you can’t deny that it’s entertaining.

Picking up right where Fast & Furious 6 left off, Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) is in critical condition. His older brother, Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) wants revenge on Dom (Vin Diesel) and his crew. He attempts to kill everyone one by one which leds to Dom getting his crew back together and finding him. He receives aid through a government agent (Kurt Russell) who offers Dom a deal. If Dom and his crew retrieve a hacker named Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel) and this device called the “God’s Eye” (which can track anyone down through any electronic device), then he can use the device to find Shaw.

Some people will call me a hypocrite for giving this series a pass compared to my hatred for the Transformers series. My rebuttal to those people would be that I’ve hated the Transformers movies due to their lack of awareness with their stupidity, being repetitive as hell, not focusing on the Transformers enough and their bad humor. Otherwise, they are both extremely similar in terms of giant CGI action sequences and lack of plot. Furious 7‘s plot doesn’t make much sense at times and there are a lot of plot holes. They never dive into Shaw’s past enough and his development is very lacking. His character is simply an angry man who is hellbent on getting revenge, but that’s all he is. Statham isn’t given enough screen time to make Shaw feel more menacing and instead feels like a plot device.

The film’s plot is very flimsy and that’s being nice. The involvement of the government is just an excuse for the film to go to Abu Dubai and have the expensive set pieces. The mountain sequence is incredibly filmed despite the illogical sequence of events that occur. The laws of physics do not exist in this world but there are moments where the audience is suppose to feel for the characters in dire situations. It’s very inconsistent at times in this film with the character’s survival due to the Dom and his crew being essentially superheroes. Vin Diesel’s Dom has super strength at times in this film and it’s a wonder how this guy went from a mechanic street racer to a superhuman spy.

The dialogue itself is laughable at times with some very corny 1-liners. The movie is so much of a B-movie and without the action sequences and the cars, the film would simply be another bad B-movie. Yet the film does have the action sequences which are very impressive. The 3rd act is absolutely ridiculous stupid but you can’t deny it’s entertaining. The film never feels repetitive from the previous films and the whole family theme has a big impact on these movies. I can’t deny that this movie as an actual film is bad, it is. But compared to Transformers, this film has a sense of fun and it knows it’s stupid as hell and it embraces it. I enjoyed this movie simply as a fun piece of entertainment, similar to the last 3 films. Plus the film’s moving tribute to the late Paul Walker is very respectful and you can feel the impact he had with this group of friends.

All in all, Furious 7 is definitely the dumbest movie in this franchise. It’s brash, expensive and is purely junk food in terms of movies. However, it’s very aware of how dumb it is and it embrace its stupidity. The film has a sense of fun despite overall being a bit of a mess in terms of plot and story. If you enjoy these movies, you’ll love it. As for me, I liked it as entertainment but personally, I would be happy with this being the final ride but you know these guys are coming back. As a film, this is probably a C- movie as entertainment about a B+ movie so overall it comes to a B- for me.

Rating: B-


First look at ‘Deadpool’

If you are one of those people who feels Hollywood is in a superhero frenzy, well 2016 is about to crank that up. With DC unleashing their highly anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice & Suicide Squad, Marvel releasing Captain America: Civil War which will feature Spider-Man’s MCU debut and the debut of Doctor Strange will finally arrive and Fox’s X-Men: Apocolypse coming in 2016, it’s gonna get crowded. one movie that will come before any of those superhero films will be Fox’s Deadpool. If you are unaware with the character, essentially he is a smartass who kills people while talking shit. There has been talk of a Deadpool movie for years since 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine. However with that 2009 film being recieved very poorly, the plans for a Deadpool spin-off seemed lost.

Ultimately, it took a leaked animated test footage of the Merc with a Mouth to get this project off the ground. Ryan Reynolds (who originally portrayed Deadpool’s alter ego Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins) is set to comeback as Deadpool but the 2009 film will be non-existent in Reynolds case. The film is due out on February 12, 2016 and our first look at Reynolds in costume has been released.

It’s very much in the spirit of the character and I’m very excited to see the film come to life. I’m rooting for a R-rated of the character but I won’t be surprised if we get a PG-13 film for financial reason. Deadpool also stars TJ Miller, Morena Baccarin, Gina Carano, Ed Skrine, Style Daine, and Olesia Shewchulk. The film will be directed by Tim Miller on a script from Rhett Resse and Paul Wernick (the duo wrote Zombieland & G.I. Joe: Retribution). The first look is below as well as the first logo of the film. 



Final ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ trailer

In case you have been under a rock for the past few months, a little indie movie called Avengers: Age of Ultron is coming out soon. The highly anticipated blockbuster sequel to the biggest superhero film of all time has a final trailer and it exceeds the hype. In all seriousness, the trailer does give us a good look at the film’s scope and how James Spader’s Ultron is indeed the true star of the film.

The trailer gives us a darker tone similar to the other trailers but has more humor this time around. It’s good to know that they will still have humor in the film since dark tone and Marvel don’t really associate with one another. We also have confirmation that Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) is indeed the “creator” of the Ultron program. There were rumors that potentially Hank Pym (Michael Douglas in Ant-Man) would play a role in creating Ultron (which is what happens in the comics), but they have essentially put those rumors to bed.

We get to see more action from the twins Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver and another great shot of the Hulkbuster vs Hulk fight as well. The trailer also gives a glimpse at The Vision (Paul Bettany), which we hadn’t seen yet. He looks pretty awesome and hopefully we don’t see more until the actual release. Overall, Marvel has essentially put other summer movies in check that Age of Ultron will indeed be the movie to beat this summer. The one thing that could put this over the top would be a Marvel end-credits sequence that hints at a certain web swinger.

Avengers: Age of Ultron stars Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olson, Samuel L. Jackson, Paul Bettany, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and James Spader. The film will be released in 3D, 2D, and IMAX 3D on May 1, 2015. Advance tickets are now on sale from Fandango so don’t get sold out!

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Ben Woolf Dies; ‘American Horror Story’ Actor Was 34

Originally posted on Deadline:

Ben Woolf, the American Horror Story: Freak Show actor who was severely injured in a Hollywood traffic accident, died today. He was 34. Woolf’s agency confirmed his death to Deadline.

“We are saddened to learn the tragic news about Ben Woolf,” AHS‘ producers, FX and 20th Century Fox Television said in a joint statement tonight. “He was a tremendous professional and an incredibly kind person, beloved by the American Horror Story family. Our thoughts are with his family, friends and fans during this difficult time.”

The actor, who stood 4-foot-4, was struck in the head by the side mirror of a passing car Thursday at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Gramercy Place. He was taken to at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in critical condition. Police told Deadline the driver pulled over and remained at the scene and was not facing any charges.

Woolf played Meep in three episodes of…

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